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I enjoy this kendama. It has a good weight and feel to it. The bag that comes with the Flow kendamas is great too. I really like the blend of the maple and walnut on this one. It is certainly one of my best looking kendamas.
This kendama is one of my favorite kens I have ever played with! I would recommend this kendama to everyone! So get up and flow!
Beautifully made! My husband and boys are having a great time playing with it. I’m really hoping my oldest gets good at it and hopefully it helps my youngest get a little more coordinated haha!
I am loving my Flow Kendama! By far the best quality Kendama on the market. There is so much attention to detail. The kendamas are made out of very high quality wood, not the cheap stuff all the other kendama makers use. The Kendama comes with an extra string and a really nice case to store the Kendama in. I highly recommend purchasing a Flow Kendama, it’s the only way to go!
I’m very impressed with the quality of Flow Kendamas. The maple walnut kendama is the best kendama I own. I also love the look of the black box, the nice carrying pouch and the logo too. Pretty cool.
I own about 40 kendamas and didn’t think I could be wowed by a new kendama company. Well, I was wrong. This Cassia/Maple kendama is awesome. It’s quickly becoming my favorite. Thanks Flow Kendamas!
I love my new pink sGrip. It’s one of my go to kendamas when I’m trying to land balance tricks. The paint is soft and sticky and the balance is great. I now have 2 Flow Kendamas and will probably buy more.
I’d like to thank Flow Kendamas for providing my son with a well built toy that doesn’t need batteries or plug into the wall. It has him up and moving and playing outside with his friends again. He loves video games, but this kendama actually has him excited to learn new tricks and show us. He seems more alive now and wants another one! Thanks again for the great product.
I got the Solid Cherry Kendama. It’s sweet. They really did it right. Love the Darth Vader Flow Kendamas look too.
This is an awesome kendama. Plays and looks great. I’m going to collect all the Flow Kendamas if my mom will let me.
This thing is sweet! I have only ever had the garbage dollar store ones that break before you can get any good. This is a quality product.
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